Welcome to iP-Center

In our multimedia educational and meeting facilities we would like to invite foremost younger people to an adventurous journey into the land of Israel, Judaism and the history of the Holocaust by using various media, and also innovative, educational and playful methods and modern technology.

The Jewish origin of Christian belief should become understandable and tangible, and so enhance and widen the knowledge and horizon of the visitors with our educational and meeting programs. The intention is to teach especially young people preventively against and make them aware of anti-Semitism.

This is made visual and interactive in various multimedia ways, and with the special feature of meeting survivors of the Holocaust in person or via videostream in Israel. This project also offers programs for all age groups from specialized lectures and exhibitions to school/students programs and escape room games. So far our programs take place in German. Are you interested in an English version of our program? Then please contact us via E-mail (info(at)israelperspektive.de).