Welcome to iP-Center

The iP-Center for Education and Encounter ('iP' is short for Israel Perspective) takes today's youth on an adventurous journey to the land of Israel, Judaism and the history of the Holocaust. We use various media, combining innovative educational methods with modern technology.

Our goal is to make the Jewish origin of the Christian faith tangible. Everyone who visits should leave with deeper understanding and a widened horizon. We continuously work on developing programs that preemptively teach young people against anti-Semitism and make them aware of the dangers therein.

Thanks to modern technology, we can for example offer encounters with Holocaust survivors, not only in person but via videostream to Israel. On top of that, we offer various programs for all age groups - specialized lectures, exhibitions, school programs, Escape Room games and more to come. For now, all our programs are only directed at German speakers. If you are interested in an English version, feel free to contact us via E-Mail (info@israelperspektive.de).